About Sung Kyu


Sung Kyu, Kim has a diverse background in academic disciplines and professional experiences ranging from physical and social sciences to hands-on fieldwork experiences and project management roles. His recent work and projects include:

  • PhD research on “Agricultural intensification and smallholder crop-livestock integration in Rwanda” (2013-17);
  • Sustainable agro-ecological village project internship in Senegal and the Gambia (2013);
  • Dairy and artisanal cheese-making apprenticeship in British Columbia, Canada (2012);
  • Agriculture and Food Security programme support and assistant at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Ottawa, Canada (2011);
  • Independent research on the integrated crop-livestock production system and soil fertility management in Rwanda (2011).

When not working, Sung Kyu is walking, cycling, hiking in the great outdoors.

reaching at the far away mountain

Skeena Mountain, B.C. Canada (2012)


Hiking with the Virunga National Park Rangers, DRC (2015)


Trekking the Virunga Mountains – at the Nyiragongo volcano summit, DRC (2015)


Cycling in Pourville/Dieppe, France (2015)

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